Project Coordinator.

New York, NY.

Job Details
Project Coordinator Advertising TBE2436 New York, NY Operations 8/11/2017

Position Summary:

The Project Coordinator is an integral team member that manages the execution of tactical projects to ensure they are on time and produced according to internal processes and best practices. They will work with more senior department members to hone their skills in timelines, budgets, and resourcing.


Duties specific to this title and role:

  • Members of the Project Management department should be experts in timing, budgets, and resourcing. At the Project Coordinator level, you will be expected to:
    • Timing: Create timelines and seek approval from your manager
    • Budgets: Create budgets and seek approval from your manager
    • Resourcing: Manage staffing and resourcing and seek approval from your Pod Lead
  • Participate in the Late Night Project Management Rotation, and be available for extended hours and weekend support as required.
  • With support and supervision from your Manager, Work closely with the Business Management and Account Management departments to ensure that the budgets are tracked in a weekly manner in order to manage, document, and flag any necessary changes in scope to the client.
  • Define, manage, and mitigate risks on projects, taking a proactive approach to solve any issues before they come up, or manage any that arise.
  • Able to input project data into all PM tracking documentation: Resource allocation sheet, Project status sheet and Burn Reports
  • Able to take on small scale projects
  • Understands and supports the internal routing process
  • Open job codes and initiate projects
  • Familiar with Project Management documentation and its role in managing workflow: Project Plan, Project Brief, Digital Scope, Timeline, Change Request Form, Risk Management Form, Burn Report
  • Prepares meeting agendas
  • Able to create budgets for small
  • Able to track hours on project budgets and communicate status to the team and their manager using burn rate reports
  • Able to manage the PO process for individually owned projects – ensure a PO is opened by the appropriate team member, ensure invoices are mapped against the PO and then ensure finance closes PO.
  • Responsible for communicating hours allocated to the team at the start of a project and to actively troubleshoot in partnership with their manager potential over-runs throughout the project
  • Developing a solid understanding of at least one of our execution processes –offline, small site design, email, banner, etc.
  • Beginning to demonstrate ability to actively solve problems, independently, to ensure smooth execution of a project
  • Able to provide scope of work details for a small projects– i.e. project assumptions, resources required, budget, etc.
  • Ability to exhibit focus and attention to detail
  • Captures and distributes meeting recaps/notes/next steps immediately following critical meetings and at least 24 hours following any non-critical internal meetings
  • Prepares meeting agendas and assist in conducting effective meetings
  • Consistently and actively communicates with manager about project status or other questions/concerns
  • Exhibits strong listening skills

Duties consistent across all members of the Project Management Department:

  • Uphold quality control standards, ensuring milestone sign off from Production, Art Buying, Editorial, and Retouching departments as well as general circulation of approval from team members during routing cycles
  • Cover project managers as needed on days when colleagues may be out of the office or in all-day meetings
  • Demonstrate core Project Management skills in organization, facilitation, attention to detail, negotiation, great interpersonal skills, and communication in keeping team members up to date on status of projects, and scheduling meetings.
  • Embody professional, proactive, and collaborative behavior that mirrors the ghg values
  • Champion all company and departmental processes and initiatives, including advocating and executing them, as well as assisting in ongoing process improvement.
  • Set-up projects in our financial tracking system and server (job codes, estimate entry, server folders, etc)
  • Understand the basic print advertising production process, and apply this when tracking ongoing print deliverables in and out of the Creative Development and Production process, ensuring review and approval of all team members on each round of review. Project Coordinators will also begin to learn the digital process and provide support within their pod or during coverage as needed, to learn the skills needed to manage digital jobs.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience: 1 year Traffic or Project Coordinator experience in an agency preferred


  • Demonstrates effective planning, organization, and time management skills and analysis/assessment capabilities.
  • Capacity to understand dynamics of multi-discipline teams and resolve team-related issues that could impact deliverables.
  • Able to prioritize and manage multiple concurrent tasks/projects in a fast paced deadline driven environment and deliver quality results.
  • Passionate about the discipline, the team, and the company.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Exceptional organizational skills and good presentation skills.
  • A strong work ethic that includes a “get the job done” attitude.


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