Senior Account Supervisor.

Stamford, CT.

Job Details
Senior Account Supervisor IMsci TBE2718 Stamford, CT Account Services 7/17/2019

Position Summary

The Senior Account Supervisor (SAS) is the liaison between the client and IMsci, responsible for supervising and managing the account team and their resources. The SAS is central to development of on-going business.


  • The SAS should have a long-range view of the account and be able to plan and manage activities over a year.

  • A key responsibility for the SAS is ensuring that the clients are pleased with IMsci and, if not, identifying problems early. The SAS should be proficient in the particular therapeutic area and in close enough contact with the client and his/her business to identify new growth opportunities.

  • The SAS counsels clients in marketing and spearheads efforts to develop strategies and goals. The SAS should periodically review the clients’ business with a view towards identifying business needs.

  • The SAS manages, develops, and trains account team members and is instrumental in maintaining staffing efficiencies.

  • The SAS must insist on creative excellence and accuracy.

  • The SAS is the day-to-day client contact. He/she is responsible for attending and conducting most client meetings and internal project status meeting; oral and written presentations; and reviewing all project financials including billing and reconciliations.

  • Account team training, supervision, and development.

  • Demonstrating leadership, superior organization and efficiency.

  • Supervising, managing, and reporting on account financials.

  • Creative excellence, accuracy of project documents, adherence to timelines and agreed upon project and account milestones

  • Maintaining project records for efficiencies and to insure institutional history.

  • Finally, the SAS is often the senior manager at physician education events. As such, he/she must be comfortable talking with physicians and with the science around the specific therapeutic class.



  • Bachelor’s degree (advertising, marketing or science major preferred)


  • Previous experience (4-6 years) as an account manager/account supervisor is key with a demonstrated history of leadership, proven record of success in business development. At least part of the experience should include work in the medical area with demonstrated experience in a variety of medical education activities.

  • The SAS should have a bachelor’s degree, a proven track record of leadership and demonstrated communication and organizational skills. We expect to see the SAS identifying opportunities for business growth as they bond with the client. We also expect to see noticeable and positive interaction between the SAS and key physicians across the therapeutic areas in which they work.

  • The SAS must display a willingness to work overtime, travel, and attend off-hour events, etc.


  • The SAS is critical to business development and is accountable for the success of the IMsci/client relationship.


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